Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ice Road Truckers

Have you ever heard of ice road trucking? Well if not this report will tell you everything you need to know about ice road trucking. In this report it will tell you what ice road trucking is and why did ice road trucking start. Also the dangers of ice road trucking, and training you need to be an ice road trucker. Finally what life is like on the ice road its self?
Season 1- at the top of the world, there's an outpost like no other…and a job only a few would dare. The mission: To haul critical supplies across 350 miles of frozen lakes to Canada's remote billion-dollar diamond mines. The challenge: to transport 10,000 loads in 60 days—before the road disappears. The rewards are great; the risks even greater. These are the men who make their living on thin ice.

Season 2- At the top of the world, there's an outpost like no other…and a job only a few would dare. The ice men return: two titans of the southern ice roads, and two contenders. Last season they drove loaded semis on frozen lakes…this year, the Arctic Ocean. Deeper into the deep freeze. Further out on thinner ice. The new mission: to haul the heavy metal of natural gas drilling rigs up a frozen river and across ice-choked seas. Ice road truckers have come to the edge of the earth. These are the men who make their living on thin ice.

Season 3- At the top of the world, there's a job only a few would dare. Last season, the dash for the cash was fought on the smooth playing field of Canada's Arctic ice. This season, two old pros join four of America's bravest truckers to tackle the tundra's deadliest ice passage. Just when you thought extreme trucking couldn't get more dangerous, ice road truckers take on Alaska. These are the truckers who make their living on thin ice.

Well what is ice road trucking? Well it is where people drive 18-wheelers across thin ice. Hauling supplies across frozen lakes for 3 diamond mines up by Yellowknife. Also hauling heavy metal of natural gas drilling rigs up a frozen river and across ice-choked seas by Inuvik and tuktoyutuk. Finally biggest challenge of the Dolton Ice Road. At the Dolton ice road they haul heavy metal and supplies across mountains and the Artic Ocean to oil rigs up north. They haul this in winter because it can’t be flown in by airplanes or moved by airplanes because the materials are too heavy to move by air so they have to be brought in by trucks.

Ice road trucking was started because to bring supplies that are not assessable by plane year round. This only happens once only a year when the water turns to ice to haul loads across thin ice. They haul food, drinks, medical supplies and what ever else is needed to last them part of the year when boats can’t get to these places. In the winter it is cheaper to get the ice road truckers to haul it cause the cost of fuel is cheaper and it is quicker to get it trucked where boats can’t get.

The dangers of the ice road are extreme whit out conditions is a very and most dangerous part of the ice road. It is the most dangerous cause in whiteout conditions on the ice road if you hit a crake you ether wreck your truck of risk going though the ice. Another big risk is speeding on an ice road. Why speeding is bad thing on the ice road cause it creates a wave underneath the ice and if you go to fast this wave will push through the ice sending you down when you hit the hole in the ice. One other danger is the really cold weather. It can be from 10° to -50°. It can go from -10° to -50° in minutes. One final thing is that if you don’t travel in a convoy and you get lost, spin out of control, or break down there is no one to help you.

Do you want to be an ice road trucker? Well here is what you need and training to be an ice road trucker. Well first of all you need a 1A license to drive a big rig. To drive on the Yellowknife road you need a semi and a boss that is a driver. This driver is a person who manages the people that he hired to be in his convey group. He manages the entire money they make and at the end of the season gets a big check. Then he puts the money on separate checks for his employees to take home their money cannot some one else’s money. For the Inuvik and Tuktoyutuk road all you need is a 1A license, winter gear, and work gear. In Tuktoyutuk and Inuvik they give you a semi. Also in the Dolton ice road you need the same gear as you need in Tuktoyutuk and Inuvik cause they give you a semi to run on the ice road for the season. When they give you semi, which means they give you a semi to drive for the season on the ice road. Other wise you don’t need anything else that your pride and confidence to do this job only a few would dare.

Well I got one final thing to tell you and it is what life is like on the road. One thing is that you will not see at normal trucking job is bears, wildlife, and amazing scenery. You will never know you are on the ice and water is under neath you cause once you drive3 on it for a while it will fell like your driving on pavement. Ice road trucking can also be exciting in many regards. Seeing wildlife, mountains, and frozen lakes is truly breath taking. Unlike a regular truck driving job, this unique segment of the industry offers great financial satisfaction in a short period of time.
Ice road trucking is where you drive supplies in 18-wheelers across thin ice where it is not assessable by plane or boat. One of the worst dangers in ice road trucking is when you get lost in extreme white out conditions. An important thing you need to have a 1A license to drive a big rig. Another amazing thing is the scenery you get to see when you drive on the ice road. In conclusion if you like the idea of driving big rigs over a frozen lake for two months

Monday, June 7, 2010


Smoking is a bad thing, so don’t do it. Did you now there are over 4000 chemicals in one cigar. I’m just going to tell you about a few of them and what the stuff they us them in. The first chemical in a cigar is Tar the sticky substance used in paving high ways (roads) and drive ways. Next Formaldehyde this is the stuff used to preserve dead animals, like frogs for biology. Cyanide, which is also the main ingredient in rat poison. Also Lead, used in some kinds of paint. Acetone is common ingredient in paint and nail polish remover. Ammonia, it is in many house hold cleaners. Carbon monoxide common pollutant and the same stuff that escapes from car exhaust. Hydrazine stuff used in jets and rocket fuel. These are just some of the chemicals and remember there are still over 4000 chemicals in them yet
The diseases it can cause are emphysema and bronchitis. The reason kid’s pressure kids to smoke are to make them feel better and the kids they are pressuring. Also kids say if you wouldn’t fit in if you did it. In a way it is perfectly ok to say no but if you can’t say no try these words “I’m allergic to smoke or the smell makes me sick”.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wind Power

Wind power is one of the newest ways to get an alternative form of energy. Also wind is renewable source of energy. The wind will blow as long as the sun is shining. Like how the wind will blow when the sun shines, but what if the sun ran out? Well the wind would stop blowing if the sun did not shine. Today wind is mainly used to generate electricity. Also wind mills are effective to use to get power. Today’s wind mills use blades to collect their kinetic energy. Many of today’s wind mills are called wind turbines. Today’s technology has reduced the cost of producing energy from wind. There is still a problem with new wind turbines because of what to do when the wind is not blowing. In conclusion, wind is a very effective way to get power and if the natural gas ran out I would use wind.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

soccer speech

I have always played soccer and loved it. The thrill from scoring goals and winning the intense games has inspired me to be a professional soccer player. Why my? Why not? I will share with you the positive aspects of soccer, the reasons for my lifelong dream, and the steps I will need to take to make the dream a reality. Playing this exciting game since I was five years old has left me with many positive experiences and memories. So many, that, I dream of one day playing professionally like David Beckham.

These are some positive aspects of soccer I am going to tell you. My first positive aspects of soccer are to have fun! This is the most important one because if you do not have fun what is the point of playing. The second most important thing about soccer is teamwork and this helps you to get better. Scoring goals is fun and you can win the game. Scoring goals is my favorite thing.

My reason for my dream is that I love soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was five years old. As I play soccer sometimes I catch it on TV makes it cooler. My last reason is that I want to kick as high as they do. I all most want to play professional soccer now.

Steps I need to take are going to take a lot of effort. The first step is a that I need to play a lot harder to get there. I practice now but I need to practice more. When I play goal that is fine but I need to get a lot better. To help me get better I need to do that by having more teamwork happen.

I hoped you like my dream for soccer. The positive aspects I have lots of reasons for dream. I have to take a lot of steps to get there. Io still want to be a professional soccer player. David Beckham is a famous soccer player and I want to be just like him.

Monday, December 15, 2008

how to prevent sport ijuries

How to prevent sports injuries

This report will discuss how to prevent sport injuries. It will give you many facts about this topic.

You can prevent sport injuries by wherein protective equipment like nee pads , mouth guards ,and a helmet. If you don’t ware a helmet or do not need one for that sport get the a prophet protective equipment for that sport. If you play the sport on the weekend you have a higher rate of injury. Do not expect the sport its self to get you in shape. Remember to always where your protective equipment for anyone who plays a contact sport. If you really ply what to play that sport you should get proper training. You should always stretch before playing a sport You as a player should always have a warm up and cool down pried. If mussels are sore or you have tight mussels you should stretch. Young people doing sports should be supervised to make sure they follow the saftey rules. Supervising adults knowledge healthy behavior (for the adults supervising and the young participants). Parents should always show good positive attitudes to there children with out putting pressure on them. The coach should monitor interesting of training and daily training periods and any changes to special skill techniques.

Remember to always have a warm up and cool down periods. If you play on the weekend you have a higher rate of injury .You should always wear your protective equipment .You should always play with sportsmanship. This how to prevent sport injuries.

I think Elizabeth Quinn is a good choice because she has 3 science degrees and 1 master science degree in sport science. She knows all about injuries. That is why I think she is a good doctor and gives good information.

My Favourite Sport

My Favorite Sport

Out of the many sports in the world I love to play soccer. Soccer is a fun exciting game. One of the main objectives in this game is to score a goal by passing and also kicking the ball to your teammates and getting it past the opposing goal keeper. The defense is going to try to stop the ball from going in the net and then continuing up the field to try to score on the other goalie. The refs will attempt to keep the players safe by stopping play if any rules are broken. Soccer is not about winning or losing it is about having fun. However that’s why I love soccer.

How Christmas was all Most Lost

How Christmas was All Most Lost

Once upon a time on Christmas Eve, Jack frost, and frosty the snowman were walking down the road. Frosty the snowman came up with an idea to kill Santa. While him and Jack were walking beside a farm yard, Jack said “look there is a combine and that’s how we can kill Santa.” Jack Frost started the combine and started to drive down the road. While Santa walking out the door Frosty came up from behind and pushed him in front of the combine. Before Santa could look he was in the hopper of a John Deere 9600 combine. Jack got out as Frosty drove the combine into the lake and it sank to the bottom. Frosty did not make it, he melted. Jack then froze the lake so there would be no trace of Santa Claus. On the way back Jack was walking on ice and a piece broke off. He drifted off and was never seen again. The next summer the lake unfroze and Santa came out of the water and Christmas was back.