Monday, June 7, 2010


Smoking is a bad thing, so don’t do it. Did you now there are over 4000 chemicals in one cigar. I’m just going to tell you about a few of them and what the stuff they us them in. The first chemical in a cigar is Tar the sticky substance used in paving high ways (roads) and drive ways. Next Formaldehyde this is the stuff used to preserve dead animals, like frogs for biology. Cyanide, which is also the main ingredient in rat poison. Also Lead, used in some kinds of paint. Acetone is common ingredient in paint and nail polish remover. Ammonia, it is in many house hold cleaners. Carbon monoxide common pollutant and the same stuff that escapes from car exhaust. Hydrazine stuff used in jets and rocket fuel. These are just some of the chemicals and remember there are still over 4000 chemicals in them yet
The diseases it can cause are emphysema and bronchitis. The reason kid’s pressure kids to smoke are to make them feel better and the kids they are pressuring. Also kids say if you wouldn’t fit in if you did it. In a way it is perfectly ok to say no but if you can’t say no try these words “I’m allergic to smoke or the smell makes me sick”.

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