Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wind Power

Wind power is one of the newest ways to get an alternative form of energy. Also wind is renewable source of energy. The wind will blow as long as the sun is shining. Like how the wind will blow when the sun shines, but what if the sun ran out? Well the wind would stop blowing if the sun did not shine. Today wind is mainly used to generate electricity. Also wind mills are effective to use to get power. Today’s wind mills use blades to collect their kinetic energy. Many of today’s wind mills are called wind turbines. Today’s technology has reduced the cost of producing energy from wind. There is still a problem with new wind turbines because of what to do when the wind is not blowing. In conclusion, wind is a very effective way to get power and if the natural gas ran out I would use wind.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

soccer speech

I have always played soccer and loved it. The thrill from scoring goals and winning the intense games has inspired me to be a professional soccer player. Why my? Why not? I will share with you the positive aspects of soccer, the reasons for my lifelong dream, and the steps I will need to take to make the dream a reality. Playing this exciting game since I was five years old has left me with many positive experiences and memories. So many, that, I dream of one day playing professionally like David Beckham.

These are some positive aspects of soccer I am going to tell you. My first positive aspects of soccer are to have fun! This is the most important one because if you do not have fun what is the point of playing. The second most important thing about soccer is teamwork and this helps you to get better. Scoring goals is fun and you can win the game. Scoring goals is my favorite thing.

My reason for my dream is that I love soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was five years old. As I play soccer sometimes I catch it on TV makes it cooler. My last reason is that I want to kick as high as they do. I all most want to play professional soccer now.

Steps I need to take are going to take a lot of effort. The first step is a that I need to play a lot harder to get there. I practice now but I need to practice more. When I play goal that is fine but I need to get a lot better. To help me get better I need to do that by having more teamwork happen.

I hoped you like my dream for soccer. The positive aspects I have lots of reasons for dream. I have to take a lot of steps to get there. Io still want to be a professional soccer player. David Beckham is a famous soccer player and I want to be just like him.