Monday, December 15, 2008

How Christmas was all Most Lost

How Christmas was All Most Lost

Once upon a time on Christmas Eve, Jack frost, and frosty the snowman were walking down the road. Frosty the snowman came up with an idea to kill Santa. While him and Jack were walking beside a farm yard, Jack said “look there is a combine and that’s how we can kill Santa.” Jack Frost started the combine and started to drive down the road. While Santa walking out the door Frosty came up from behind and pushed him in front of the combine. Before Santa could look he was in the hopper of a John Deere 9600 combine. Jack got out as Frosty drove the combine into the lake and it sank to the bottom. Frosty did not make it, he melted. Jack then froze the lake so there would be no trace of Santa Claus. On the way back Jack was walking on ice and a piece broke off. He drifted off and was never seen again. The next summer the lake unfroze and Santa came out of the water and Christmas was back.

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