Monday, December 15, 2008

how to prevent sport ijuries

How to prevent sports injuries

This report will discuss how to prevent sport injuries. It will give you many facts about this topic.

You can prevent sport injuries by wherein protective equipment like nee pads , mouth guards ,and a helmet. If you don’t ware a helmet or do not need one for that sport get the a prophet protective equipment for that sport. If you play the sport on the weekend you have a higher rate of injury. Do not expect the sport its self to get you in shape. Remember to always where your protective equipment for anyone who plays a contact sport. If you really ply what to play that sport you should get proper training. You should always stretch before playing a sport You as a player should always have a warm up and cool down pried. If mussels are sore or you have tight mussels you should stretch. Young people doing sports should be supervised to make sure they follow the saftey rules. Supervising adults knowledge healthy behavior (for the adults supervising and the young participants). Parents should always show good positive attitudes to there children with out putting pressure on them. The coach should monitor interesting of training and daily training periods and any changes to special skill techniques.

Remember to always have a warm up and cool down periods. If you play on the weekend you have a higher rate of injury .You should always wear your protective equipment .You should always play with sportsmanship. This how to prevent sport injuries.

I think Elizabeth Quinn is a good choice because she has 3 science degrees and 1 master science degree in sport science. She knows all about injuries. That is why I think she is a good doctor and gives good information.

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